Ok. So one issue found with an open invite server was the spam from Philly Slip & Fall Lawyers. Blocked about 20 of them this morning.

Working remotely. What are we doing to keep things the same for no reason. What are the things that we are doing that we no longer have to do. What are our behavioral changes?

Which Jeep? I have Jeep GC (WK2) 2015. I want a new Wrangler Unlimited (XJ?). I can't decide which vehicle would better serve my needs. Additionally, if I were to go to the dealership. I couldn't decide between a Jeep w/a 4CylTurbo engine or a 6cyl engine. Or even between the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and the Jeep Gladiator. So, FML; back at indecision.

I have 2 phones because I am evaluating a new provider and Android vs. Apple. This duopoly of phones and providers is causing a split in my psyche. I think people suffer from indecision caused by multiple options. I am not happy with just settling for Apple anymore, but Android is too unregemented.

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I was invited to consult a European research project called Eunomia. The project aims to implement a web of trust system for the spread of news in social networks, and I will be advising them on how their system can work with decentralized social networks, and Mastodon in particular. I'll also be doing community outreach, since at some point we'll need volunteers for trying it out.

The kick-off meeting is in January, in London. I bought the tickets today. Excited & equally terrified.

new toolz such as mastodon will fail if they fail to draw a core croud.

Er'thing and Er'body's on my mind I guess.

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